Sunday, April 24, 2005

The smell of death eminating from my refrigerator...

Is alarming because there is nothing in my refrigerator other than a few half empty bottles of seltzer, a bottle with about two shots left of Ribina, various bottles of hot sauce (mostly unopened), a half gallon of soy milk (still fresh even), a bag of carrots (which are quite healthy...In fact I think they're about ready to sprout), and some baking soda (which has been there since before I moved in a year and a half ago.) In the freezer are 3 ice cube trays, a bag of coffee beans, and a frozen steak (which has been there so long that its practically a friend, I don't think I'll ever eat it. It's inoffensive smelling at any rate.) It's otherwise fairly clean (except for a soy sauce spill on the door which has since become some sort of brown plastic coating which has been there since christmas eve of '04). While it raises the question of what the fuck I could be cooking with these ingredients, there's nothing that should be giving off that morbid smell.

I think it may be haunted by something I ate long ago. I have angered the supper gods.
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