Monday, September 11, 2006

The Festivities(?!!) from this 9-11 Weekend...


The geek rating on my Flickr page went up a couple notches this weekend. There's a couple hundred new pics of Ren Faire followed by Wrestling. Sorry if the title of this post misled (pronounced "mie-zelled" for those of you not in the know) you into thinking that I was at some 9-11 barbecue. I wonder what the shelf life is on horrible events before they're treated like just any 'ol holiday. Isn't Memorial Day supposed to be somber? How many years before flash mobs go into the city to do tacky re-enactments of 9-11 by covering themselves in dust and running around screaming while people toss smoke bombs out of their windows? Will kids on this morning in the future celebrate a day off to one another by saying, "Happy September 11th!"? Well, anyway, I wasn't so much thinking of the ren faire and wrestling as a way to celebrate 9-11. In fact I barely thought about the event all weekend.

I've never been much of a wrestling fan, but Nikki is. I'll certainly agree that it's significantly more entertaining than watching Rattle wrestle Mexicans in the streets of Atlantic City in the middle of the night. And Nikki didn't have to worry about being a liability either.

We went to the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY which is a really nice area. I got to see a bunch of friends from college including a couple I hadn't seen in years. It was a fun tiring trip and much booze (including mead) was consumed and available all over the faire. I still need to color correct some of the pics, which I should get around to sometime this week.
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