Friday, November 17, 2006

The Real World Just Isn't as Interesting as it Used to be...

People are going bug shit for the new Playstation 3.  Some are waiting in line for days (only to get kicked out), others are fighting, and still others are shooting each other with bb's.  Fuck the game system, these people should just riot in Best Buy every day!  It's a hell of a lot cheaper, and they can get their aggression out in a productive way.  These people should throw down their controllers and destroy Walmart's everywhere!  It's a good thing that crazy militia groups are mostly run by inbred mongoloids, because if they knew that revolution could be theirs if they had some Playstations to give away, they might actually be dangerous.  Think of how much money could be saved in elections if all that politicians had to promise was free Playstation give aways. 

I think that this is proof that it is not the video games which is corrupting the minds of citizens everywhere.... The problem is that we have too many stupid people in this country.   Imagine how many people would go to vote if those Diebold machines would randomly raffle off a Playstation in addition to (sort of) tracking votes? I think people would be more worried about their raffle ticket getting lost than their vote.  Diebold would never get away with their shitty machines,  People don't care about the issues of the real world anymore.  Why should they when we can make so many fake worlds they can control themselves?  Politicians are trying to ban all the good games just because they know that they just can't compete with that sort of interest. 
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