Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Evidence of Creationism from the Perspective of an Athiest.

I do this mostly because it's absurd, but might make for fun conversation.

The human isn't a perfect thing and it's grasp on the reality around it is apparently severely flawed. So it's a safe assumption to presume that people are not capable of completely perceiving the world around them. These imperfections create differences in what everyone considers "real" and "true" sometimes to the point where they are not reconcilable within our limited brains. If someone were to construct a matrix-esque type reality (or if one were to grow spontaneously), and you were to enter it, the created realm would not be able to "project" the correct or intended truth of its reality into your mind. You would interpret this reality, and that interpretation would be the truth of it. Higher order outside of this might be guessed at, but it will never be real if it is never observed. Therefore truth is a creation and not an inherent natural standard. So the question of what is "real" based on what we can make of what we think might be a universe is entirely created by individuals themselves. Reality is created by people and changes at every moment. And people are broken.

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