Saturday, January 14, 2006

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

I guess you could say that this one falls into the "acquired taste" category of films. Slaughtered Vomit Dolls combines some of the better elements of Subconscious Cruelty and the August Underground movies. All of these movies are pretty nasty. Subconscious Cruelty is artful enough to make some of the nastiness look almost beautiful. There's no beauty at all in the August Underground movies as they seemed to take effort to make them as gritty and unappealing as humanly possible. I thought these films were a bit rough to watch, but neither really succeeded in really disgusting me. Subconscious Cruelty was too ambient, and the August Undergrounds reached a certain level of vile and scraped along that intensity throughout. Slaughtered Vomit Dolls has ebbs and flows. It's like drowning slowly in an ocean of your own vomit. Through the use of jump cuts and surreal sound effects the whole movie sort of has the feel of a bad hangover. The assault continues as you get to briefly know several prostitutes who get introduced in intertwined snippets, get dehumanized both mentally and physically, and get brutally mutilated with some better gore than I expected. This is edited together with cuts of one of the girls performing in front of the camera when she was little. The film slows down a bit to take a closer look at these and some other prostitutes who you can't help but to see a bit differently than you did before as most of them are treated as similar inhuman objects. Until finally, one of the prostitutes seems more human than the others. You start to understand what the cutter seems to get off on through a kind of a bizarre love story focused around human suffering. This plot is almost so understated that it really isn't important at all. It does get somewhat draggy assed and repetitive after awhile in a montage of sex, vomit and blood, but it ends well. Overall, it does several new things with horror which I thought were fairly effective (and I've sat through MANY of these fucking things.) Not for the feint of heart.
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