Thursday, September 01, 2005

Eat your heart out, Tokyo!

Losing the city of New Orleans is certainly devastating and tragic... The builders of that city must not have read the three little pigs.
But, Hell, I'll bet the Japanese must be damn jealous. They've been dreaming of something like this to happen to them for decades. We've managed to one up them. We need to follow through though, and waste no time in building NEO-ORLEANS. There will be people living in Hovering Shanties above the Toxic Gumbo! Voodoo priests commanding armies of Aquatic Zombies! Mardi Gras will look like something out of Waterworld, and there will be Psychedelic Cajun Drugs! There will be Mutants speaking Creole! They will rename the SuperDome, Thunderdome!

New Orleans was great, but I think NEO-ORLEANS will be fantastic!
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