Saturday, February 04, 2006

Do not buy Iomega

Here is a copy of my complaint to Iomega for their useless support:

Allowing your people to trouble shoot more than one brand of burning software would have been useful.

The main issue though, was that with every step, rather than trying to eliminate issues, your tech support would attribute blame to something arbitrarily. Such as one support person reccomending I use TDK media. And the very next person telling me that i needed to use Verbatum or Imation instead, despite the inconsistency. Do you really expect your users to stock a sample of every DVD brand in fucking existence?

I also do not appreciate the hard sell for software. They could have supplied me with a download link for the demo software (which is available on the third party's site) so they might troubleshoot the issue using your recommended burning software without hassling me with semantic games. I found the link myself no thanks to your people who would only argue with me and try to sell me this crappy software instead of being helpful.

Then the conclusions they reached such as "Well it appears your drive needs to be replaced" was completely without ANY form of trouble shooting evidence. When I asked what the cause might be (thinking that this guy MUST be psychic), he replied that there must be a problem with the internal laser. When I pressed as to why it was still able to burn CD's (just not DVD's) there was a long pause. After which he told me the only thing i could do was use another computer. That is totally ridiculous. How many computers does one need to own to get competent customer service from Iomega??? I had to jump through hoops to get the software these techs guaranteed was necessary for troubleshooting this device, I get it, and they don't use one damned feature of this super-software. And instead of using the cop out that my software was not good enough to receive support, they now tell me that my computer is no good either. Ever see the monty-python cheese skit? A long drawn out sequence of asking the clerk if they have various types of cheese, and the clerk keeps replying, "No!, Not today, Sorry, we're out of that, etc." Until the person asking finally asks in frustration "well do you in fact have any cheese???" to which the clerk replies "No sir, I was deliberately wasting your time." That Is what your tech support is like. Even at the end, your person told me that i could call their support line on Monday. And then doesn't give me the number. It wasn't until I told him how helpful that info was without a number, did I get one.

I have dealt with tech support for various products over the years, from various companies, with various problems. But in the end, there has always been a satisfactory conclusion. Your support could not reach one which makes it the most inept and useless I have ever dealt with. I am very dissatisfied.

Do not buy Iomega. Iomega Tech Support is the Reason Why We Outsource to India.
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