Friday, June 15, 2007

Vomit Culture

Memorize, regurgitate, and copy. At the most critical point in brain development, this is what we instill. The first thing you're taught in most educational systems is subjugation. Kids should talk back if we expect a culture that is capable of critical thought. Instead, the grade school/high school systems are geared to make two things - Reliable worker bees AND - Soldiers.

There can be only one truth to anything and the answer is on a test somewhere. You only need one book/opinion for any given subject. Teachers can do no wrong and MUST be respected. You will be shown what is good and you will like it, or be punished. Stay in line. You eat when you're told to eat, not when you're hungry. In middle school we'll give you a choice between A and B, so long as you agree not to imagine C. We'll trust you to go where you're told too, since following in those lines trained you so well. In High School, you can pick your classes, so long as you fill our requirements as we know what you need. Play sports...support sports... go to the pep rally, OR ELSE. You're school is the best school, if you ever had any doubt you had better not say so out loud. Carry out your assignments exactly as ordered. Pay attention to how things work and find your place in the system, or there is no place for you in this world.

If you can do all this... maybe, just maybe, we'll let you watch TV.

Ever wonder why we cant elect a competent president? Why our media and discourse offer mostly usless entertaining tidbits? Ever wonder why people can't decide things for themselves? Why are most popular Movies, Music and art vapid formulaic crap? Why don't people feel in control of the things that matter? Why are so many under the impression that what they say doesn't matter and that any crisis will be taken care of by those that are in the position to do so?

Markets build our culture world. The less thoughtful and discriminating the market, the bigger it is. The bigger the markets grow the more our cultural DNA shrinks. Our culture becomes increasingly about the shit that it is fed, not about making better menus. The more shit we eat the less we are able to taste. The more people grown to eat shit, the less the need to put anything else on the menu.

Are you one of the ones who put shit on the menu for the rest of us?

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Blogger srah said...

I like to think/hope that I'm encouraging students to think outside of the box. One thing that I think is true (but academic departments don't necessarily want us to say) is that study abroad is more about the learning you do outside the classroom that the learning you do inside the classroom.

It's less about going to Economics Class X and learning how to do Economics Thing Y and more about learning how to approach Economics from another angle and realize what your own cultural prejudices and assumptions are.

At least that's the ideal. Sometimes it's about going somewhere where the drinking age is 18. You can lead a horse to a rich, cultural watery experience, but you can't stop him from binge drinking. That is just about the worst mangled metaphor I have ever made. Argh.

5:38 PM  
Blogger evelgal said...

*They* want to train us to be slaves, or to shine in the ways they think is beneficial to them..(u know who) so we will always have to rely on them and feel powerless...hehe..(i think ron paul will be a better president than the others who are secretly buddies in the new world order) which reminds me i should post that video on bohemian grove again.
btw, i haven't been blogging for a while but i'm back! I see you're doing a good job posting your thoughts also. cheers!

10:45 PM  
Blogger chai guy said...

I think we just *may* have elected a competent president! yay!

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi. you took my gmail name. darn it.

2:41 AM  
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Blogger Petit fleur said...

Great post.

Yes, it's getting harder and harder to dodge the vomit.


8:08 AM  

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