Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Muhammad Cartoon for the Cartoon War

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I had to make one. How can I grow old as an artist and have people ask "What did you do during the Cartoon War?" and have nothing to show for it except a thumb up my ass. How many calls to arms will artists get in a lifetime? Artists should have a duty to make their own personal Muhammad Cartoon! Causing fear is how terror extremist groups gauge if they are winning or not. The world needs to stop being afraid of these idiots and paint them up like clowns with guns. Any group which cannot respect another world view deserves to look stupid. They need to start taking themselves much less seriously. Remember The Guru Maharaj ji ? He ripped off his followers for decades and promised to levitate the Houston Astro Dome with "Green Energy"(where was this bastard during Katrina???). I understand that people like to believe in their magic little spiritual worlds, to get the rush you get when you feel self important for no good reason at all. And everyone should have every right to do so. However, not acknowledging fundamentals of reality makes you look like an idiot to people who see things differently. Do you think some people are stupid? So do I! It's not about morality, right or wrong, or any self-righteous platform... It's about TRUTH. If you want yours to Dominate someone else's, those people are going to look at you either like a big fat DUMMY or a God (as if you have to ask which you might look like!). Getting irate, belligerent, and violent doesn't change the fact that some people are not interested in your Kool-Aid! This goes for you neo-right-wing-jesus juice slurping-fascist-christians as well. If your spirituality is not a PERSONAL experience... There is a large chunk of the world who considers you an ASSHOLE and your way of life ANNOYING! If you don't like having your bible-bubble burst, then SHUT the fuck up and it's a non-issue! When you open the panel for discussion, you will learn that "religion" does not equal "reality" and you will deserve it.

T-Shirts and other merchandise of my cartoon are available HERE. I think that the fact that I made one when there are Fatwas going around prooves that my balls are big enough to warrant your support.
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Blogger The Happy Phantom said...


5:15 PM  
Blogger Toni said...

Well said Drogulus! I'm Catholic, but I don't shove my religion down anyone's throats and insist that they believe what I believe.

Love the cartoon, BTW. You've actually drawn Mohammed quite nicely and tastefully. I've seen one or two (not the original Danish cartoons) cartoons that are really raunchy, like The Prophet taking it in the ass while screwing someone else.

10:50 PM  
Blogger Drogulus said...

Thanks... In fairness the problem isn't really with Islam, or Muhammad... Extremists would like to extend societies criticism to their non extremist brethren. I tried to show a distinction with the religion and some of the folk who don't quite get it.

11:04 PM  
Blogger Defiant Symmetry said...

I agree with your ideas, but unfortunately with everything else going on, it may not have been such a good move. I'm an advocate for free speech and no political correctness, but in this case it's kinda hard to decide, knowing what the outcome could possibly be. Alas, even in a society where free speech should be celebrated, it's often not. I can only hope that yours doesn't get the same negative reaction.

12:36 PM  
Blogger Neutron said...

Great stuff! Love the cartoon and the sentiments behind it. When I blogged about this ridiculous cartoon overreaction my girlfirend said, "isn't it a little dangerous?". I replied courageously, "noone reads my f***ing blog anyway!"

5:04 PM  

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