Saturday, January 22, 2005

All work and no play.

It's the first big snow of the year, so I'm going to celebrate by watching the shining.
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Monday, January 17, 2005

"Operator...Give me WASHINGTON."

NOTICE: This document may contain initial and preliminary reporting which may or may not be accurate or be supported by corroborative information. The HSOC is actively evaluating the reporting to establish its accuracy and to determine if it represents a possible link to terrorism. If recipients have any additional or clarifying information, please contact the Homeland Security Operations Center Senior Watch Officer (HSOC SWO) at (202) 282-8101

Some interesting reading here.
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Pixel Fest Collaborative Experiment

Pixel Fest Collaborative Experiment

Join others in an attempt to create a picture pixel by pixel. Surprisingly fun.
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Sunday, January 16, 2005

TV begone

TV-B-Gone From Cornfield Electronics: "Hangs on your keychain and
turns off virtually any television!"

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I Hate "Love"

Love is an undefinable emotion...

Oh yeah? That means it's fucking dishonest. Love is a fucking lie. No one feels love, because love is ambivalent. Love is not a fucking emotion.

Some say, "I believe in love the noun, not the verb." What the hell does that mean? Can you phrase that in two sentences which aren't song titles or slogans? Would they be "All you need is love?" or "Love is where it's at?" Well, I've been "to" love and I've "had" love. Fuck that sense.

Do you love your kids? Are you some sort of pervert? If not, you've chosen the most vapid, retarded way to disregard your children. Can't you come up with some better words to describe the way you feel. Are you stupid or something?

Love is not definable... I'd say it means a way you should feel but in all honesty you really have feelings. You don't feel "love" ever. If you ask the scorned, they will tell you how much love sucks... Ask the "in love" and it's all flowers and togetherness... Ask the religious and it is purposeful... Fuck all of that, love means nothing, not all of this. No one feels it, it's an interpreted bullshit word to create an empathetic bond between more than one asshole based on connotation. Word defined.

You want to develop trust? You want to bond with somebody? You want a relationship that counts? Why the fuck would you tell the motherfucker you loved them unless you were some sort of an asshole? How do you really feel? Are you a fucking robot sent upon this world to sell the bull-shit called "love." Well, fuck you. You are the reason hate exists. And you cannot be so ambivalent when it comes to hate. Hate means "something." I hate Love. I say how I feel, I don't lie about this, and I am respectful of changes in cycle with whomever I'm with.

I know what you're thinking, what a negative son of a bitch... You'd be correct...as I am. However, at least i'm able to describe what I feel without taking the template as to how one should feel. Test me if you doubt. When I truly feel happy and comfortable with someone, I describe in detail why they make me feel whole, terrific, and a part of something unique and perfect. When I no longer feel this way, I am fairly able to discern why I had been so far off. To call that love is beyond pretension. By calling it love, I would flag myself as the most pretentious bastard existing because i would not respect the real feelings that comprise the subject.

Fuck the lovers. They are reptiles. The warmth is the same as the cold. It happens all to them. Beware the ones who tell you about love, look for those who say what they mean.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

For those on tribe.net

cHaoS!! ChAOs! CHaoS!!!!!!!
You want a finger of love where it counts? Ever have cheese in your drawers, shit in your hat, or bacon on your lawn? I'll bet you're incapable of swinging your meat away from the master's carpet. I saw a reflection of red death in my cereal and rang my easter typer to create a fabric which would be perfect for the occasion. I'll never forgive you. You are why there are times like the three yesterday when black flames shot out of the preacher's asshole and ate the cherry topping. Be a friend and bury my balls in the sock. No one listened when they were commanded to tape up the face. The face just kept calling for justice in the belly of the white whale. You were out that day. Calculations are made, plans set in motion. When can we go yet? Will you be here on tuesday?
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Friday, January 07, 2005


You can do ANYTHING at zombocom. Anything at all... The only limit is yourself.

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

the science of cooking

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Fuck this post

In order to call someone a fucking asshole, It assumes that they know what the words mean (even children), so eliminating words will not protect the innocent. Invectives of all kinds are really similar to making a disgusted face or saying "ouch." They are matters of expression which often trancend language barriers and reach the same effect.

Oddly, the use of these invectives is often in response to something which the invector(?) found offensive (reasonably so or not) and expressed this offense in the most base terms (perhaps even growling).

Let's look at offense this way... Let's say I have an OCD. One day you, you beat me to my favorite chair. Rather then explaining my case and trying to rectify the situation, I respond expressively by growling at you. Offended, or possibly scared of someone growling at you, rather then finding out why someone is growling at you by asking, you call the cops or the mental hospital out of defensive instinct. Both reactions avoid constructive debate, yet both indicate accurately an expressive emotional response someone felt like sharing.

So, if the person sitting in the chair, instead tried to rationalize with the growler, and got only more growls, this could become fairly frustrating and threatening. The person certainly has the right to sit there, but is the growling fair expression (so long as it wasn't ever violent)? I'd say that it was...at this point it becomes something like an irritation over someone's kid screaming in a park. It's part of what you tolerate by sitting somewhere and respecting space.
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