Thursday, September 28, 2006

Giant Bug Overlords Invade Germany??

Giant Insect overlords invade Germany??? I hope David Icke's 4th Dimensional Reptiles may save us from this calamity. See for yourself Here.
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Arby's Logo...

The Arby's Logo...

Just what the fuck is it?

On the one hand, it sorta resembles a hat... but not really. Maybe it's a mitten for someone who has whatever Lobsterboy had. What either of those two things has to do with roast beef, I have no idea... The first time I went to an Arby's, I was really in the mood for a hamburger... I was like "what do you mean you don't serve hamburgers... What the fuck do you do here then???" Instead they handed me a sandwich of flacid warm beef coated in a velveeta mush.

Perhaps the logo is the view of someone's throat as they gag when they're handed such a disgusting treat...

Or maybe, it's really a fish to further confound their customers:

Possibly it's some dude rocking out with his cock out. I know that some have this reaction to sweaty meat:

I know... It's some sorta allegory as to the roast beef being safer for you than the much more processed hamburger meat. The logo is an obvious condom, safety first!

They're opening up one of these shitholes near my house. Somehow, I don't think I'll ever bother eating there.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I've been diagnosed with TAPS... :(

Sounds Serious, eh?

For about as long as I can remember, I've always had a weird sleep issue. Well, it's not exactly a sleep issue but more of a waking up issue. Nothing seems to work. Alarm clocks, people calling me, yard noise, animal attacks... I quickly find myself developing a tolerance for whatever it is. My perception of time turns dyslectic. I look at the clock at 8:15 and think to myself "yeah...I got time..." and even at 9:15 when I'm 15 minutes late for work the clock still looks okay to me! "Hrmph.. Good..Still have a few minutes..." It's difficult to wake up when you don't stop dreaming until you're ready to drive. Does anyone else have this problem? I hope someday soon some doctors will officially label this problem as some type of medical disorder. It would be great to have a "syndrome" or an "itus" or maybe even an "osis". I think it would truly be an E-Ticket disease! Better than even Narcolepsy(damn napping bastards)! This problem is more an issue for other people than it is for me. I don't mind the extra rest. When I'm late, I'd like to have the shiny disease label that says... "Yeah asshole! I have a disease, leave me alone!" Possibly even my own handi-capable parking spot.

Why wait? Why not take Stephen Colbert's advice and make use of the 'Wiki-ality' available in todays culture. I'm considering making a wiki-pedia page which defines this for people who inconsiderately don't care. Any ideas on a name? I've seen Windows machines which sometimes do this when coming out of sleep mode... Maybe "Gates Syndrome" would work. It might give the disease some false legitimacy if they think Bill Gates has it. "Time Dyslexia" sounds like something that might be real... plus it has a nice Sci-Fi ring to it. Or "TAPS" (Torpid Alertness Progressive Somnia). Any ideas? Feel free to comment suggestions on other symptoms I should add. I really think this could be next years Hip disease!
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This Tuesday's Shivered Timbers

Avast me hearty's. It be International Talk like a Pirate Day once again... Grab ye a lime and some grog and shove this weeks tuesday sketch down yer scurvy gullets. Try not to get ye horn pipes stuck up yer bung holes.

Arrrgh!!! and such.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Shots in the Dark


I went to QXT's last night. My friend Jess just split with her boyfriend and felt like going out. I got to practice taking pictures in the dark, which is actually much harder than drawing in the dark. I've never been on good terms with my flash... But then again I often feel like taking pictures when there's no light, bad light, and a lot of motion. These things don't mix well.

I ran into a couple more people from my college days who I haven't seen in years. This has been like a mini-reuinion week of sorts.
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Who Taught You How to Do this Tuesday Sketch?

Yesterday, a friend sent me this link for "The Faces of Meth," which is a site that shows before and after pics of Meth Addicts. I just thought these were great. I wished there were more of them, but lacking this, I thought it was a great idea for this Tuesday's sketch. I picked friends who (hopefully) will find these amusing, but they were fun to make and I might make a second round of them at some point. If you'd like me to consider making you a Meth Face, just leave a comment saying so and instructions on where to find your face when I need it.

"Methstreams" Levay's Myspace

"Methodical" Mel's Myspace

"Methlab" Morelli's Myspace

"Tweaky" Bennett's Myspace
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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Festivities(?!!) from this 9-11 Weekend...


The geek rating on my Flickr page went up a couple notches this weekend. There's a couple hundred new pics of Ren Faire followed by Wrestling. Sorry if the title of this post misled (pronounced "mie-zelled" for those of you not in the know) you into thinking that I was at some 9-11 barbecue. I wonder what the shelf life is on horrible events before they're treated like just any 'ol holiday. Isn't Memorial Day supposed to be somber? How many years before flash mobs go into the city to do tacky re-enactments of 9-11 by covering themselves in dust and running around screaming while people toss smoke bombs out of their windows? Will kids on this morning in the future celebrate a day off to one another by saying, "Happy September 11th!"? Well, anyway, I wasn't so much thinking of the ren faire and wrestling as a way to celebrate 9-11. In fact I barely thought about the event all weekend.

I've never been much of a wrestling fan, but Nikki is. I'll certainly agree that it's significantly more entertaining than watching Rattle wrestle Mexicans in the streets of Atlantic City in the middle of the night. And Nikki didn't have to worry about being a liability either.

We went to the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY which is a really nice area. I got to see a bunch of friends from college including a couple I hadn't seen in years. It was a fun tiring trip and much booze (including mead) was consumed and available all over the faire. I still need to color correct some of the pics, which I should get around to sometime this week.
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Tuesday Sketch that Seems like a Monday Sketch

I hope no one had to do labor this weekend..
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