Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Muhammad Cartoon for the Cartoon War

Flickr Discussion

I had to make one. How can I grow old as an artist and have people ask "What did you do during the Cartoon War?" and have nothing to show for it except a thumb up my ass. How many calls to arms will artists get in a lifetime? Artists should have a duty to make their own personal Muhammad Cartoon! Causing fear is how terror extremist groups gauge if they are winning or not. The world needs to stop being afraid of these idiots and paint them up like clowns with guns. Any group which cannot respect another world view deserves to look stupid. They need to start taking themselves much less seriously. Remember The Guru Maharaj ji ? He ripped off his followers for decades and promised to levitate the Houston Astro Dome with "Green Energy"(where was this bastard during Katrina???). I understand that people like to believe in their magic little spiritual worlds, to get the rush you get when you feel self important for no good reason at all. And everyone should have every right to do so. However, not acknowledging fundamentals of reality makes you look like an idiot to people who see things differently. Do you think some people are stupid? So do I! It's not about morality, right or wrong, or any self-righteous platform... It's about TRUTH. If you want yours to Dominate someone else's, those people are going to look at you either like a big fat DUMMY or a God (as if you have to ask which you might look like!). Getting irate, belligerent, and violent doesn't change the fact that some people are not interested in your Kool-Aid! This goes for you neo-right-wing-jesus juice slurping-fascist-christians as well. If your spirituality is not a PERSONAL experience... There is a large chunk of the world who considers you an ASSHOLE and your way of life ANNOYING! If you don't like having your bible-bubble burst, then SHUT the fuck up and it's a non-issue! When you open the panel for discussion, you will learn that "religion" does not equal "reality" and you will deserve it.

T-Shirts and other merchandise of my cartoon are available HERE. I think that the fact that I made one when there are Fatwas going around prooves that my balls are big enough to warrant your support.
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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Johari Window Meme

Maybe it will sucker you in too. PS... I can still eat your brain Here.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Which Nintendo Character are You

Taken from Krysta.
You scored as Samus. You're so into technology. It shows with that kickass suit you wear. You often wonder: "When's the last time I didn't get sidetracked on a mission and ended up fighting those damn Space Pirates? I miss the money more than anything."





Pokemon Trainer




Fox McCloud




Donkey Kong


Which Nintendo Character Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com
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Monday, February 13, 2006

The Rawker, and another A Capella hit

There were a few of these awhile back on TheRawker which now seems to redirect to a red cross Katrina donation site. I'm glad at least one of them is archived on google video. Apparently this guy was kicked out of a band (probably because he was just so rawkin) and left a demo tape of him rawkin out to the classics A Capella style at a record shop. The long awkward pauses and stopping to find the lyrics are hilarious. And "I'm Gonna Give You My Love" is just perfect for Valentines Day.


Also, speaking of A Capella, this gem of some singing group singing 8 bit nintendo themes.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Font Management Software is Painful

(This post is mostly for graphics folks. If you are not, please play with the nifty category cloud I added on the sidebar instead of reading this. Enjoy.)


I upgraded my font software this weekend. The previous version of Suitcase really seemed to hate that latest Tiger update. All font management applications leave something to be desired, and as unstable as it is, Suitcase seems to be the best available, especially if you have a massive amount of fonts to work with. Suitcase Fusion does have a couple new features above the previous versions, although at the same time it does seem slightly more unstable (possibly because it added Font Reserve's instability to Sutcase's old eccentricities). The biggest difference is its blazing speed above its predecessors. Everything moves faster, as if they installed power steering. It even crashes faster, as if they forgot to install the brakes as well. Other improved features include separating fonts into faces (which makes it easier to deal with conflicts), copying added fonts into something they call "font vault", a more friendly way to remove duplicates (unfortunately it's no "smarter" than earlier versions), and some better sort/find features (although still somewhat limited as well).

This program has a tendency to be flakey in which fonts it seems to "prefer" for fairly arbitrary reasons (as far as I can tell anyway.) So, if you're looking for a program you can dump all your fonts into which will magically make them all friends and helpful to all your applications and your operating system, this version of Suitcase still isn't it. Suitcase needs to be dominated, or else it will insist on driving you insane. If you do not beat your Suitcase on at least a semi-regular basis, the beast will become unruly, and you will need to put it down. So, I will explain some tips to help guide you through the voodoo arts which sometimes make Suitcase more usable. Feel free to add your own personal font-management jutso in the comments.

Training the Suitcase Beast

  1. Prepare Your System
    Suitcase claims to manage system fonts... but it doesnt always do the best job of it, such as when conflicts arise. So, the first thing you should do (especially if this is your very first version of suitcase) is kill the majority of your system's fonts. They live in a few places throughout your system. In the directory: "home/library/fonts/" take out all of the fonts from that location and put them in another folder on your hardrive. Perhaps in "home/documents/oldsystemfonts." The next directory is "startup volume/library/fonts" and in this one remove all of the fonts and place them in the "oldsystemfonts folder you made" allowing any duplicates to erase. Next, in "startupvolume/system/library/fonts" copy all of the fonts into your "oldsystemfonts"folder allowing any duplicates to replace. Delete most of the fonts in the "startupvolume/system/library/fonts" folder **Important** except for " Geneva.dfont, Keyboard.dfont, LastResort.dfont, and Lucida Grande.dfont" which your system needs for display. All the rest go in the trash which will require authorization. Finally, if you are one of those poor bastards who must still use "classic" mode... go to your "system folder/fonts" folder and remove all the fonts except for "Chicago, Geneva, Monaco, and Sand."

  2. Adding Fonts
    Adding fonts is the next Herculean task. If you are upgrading, you might want to try your luck by importing the previous versions database. If you are like me, and this does not work, your suitcase will die a horrible crash on its first launch and refuse to open after that. You must then dig into the "home/Library/Application Support/Extensis/Suitcase" folder where there should be a file called "Suitcase Font Database.suitcasevault" Delete that file and start over. When you try to launch suitcase again, it will ask you if you want to try the import again... I'd recommend saying no for the second try.

    If you start fresh, you need to add in your fonts from wherever they live. Before you start, go into the Suitcase preferences and check the boxes under "scan for corrupt fonts" which say "Before adding fonts to suitcase" and "attempt to repair automatically." I'd start adding with the "oldsystemfontsfolder" and just drag the folder onto the sets pane. Next, start dragging your fonts in. I'd recommend adding fonts in foundry sets, with sub sets by letter. For instance, making a Set "adobe" and inside that set, making another set "A" and adding in all the adobe A fonts in A. And so on. It is not the greatest idea too add the fonts in in batches that are too sizable. Work in small chunks because Suitcase will crash often when it finds fonts its afraid of. If you get a message saying something like "Suitcase was not able to repair your dirty fonts" just click "add the good ones." When you finally finish, go back to the "home/Library/Application Support/Extensis/Suitcase" folder and make a backup copy of the "Suitcase Font Database.suitcasevault." Place it in a folder "documents/backup_fontdatabase_DATE/."

  3. Pruning.
    Adding in those fonts, despite having checked the box "scan for corrupt fonts" still probably added fonts which suitcase will have decided to hate later. If you don't get rid of most of those now, they will make you miserable someday. Might as well be now. Pruning out fonts in Suitcase is something like pruning a Bonsai tree which keeps wincing in pain and running away and hiding under the furniture. First, go to the menu "tools/find duplicates" and get rid of fonts you have more than one of. Then, you need to go to your font sets, and start previewing all of your fonts. Sometimes suitcase will hate a font, crash and flag it for easy removal... Other times it will not flag it and just pretend nothing happened. So you need to figure out manually which font it was and kill it which can be really annoying. You need to close the preview pane before you remove it, because the preview will only make suitcase run away again. After you've gone through all the sets and removed all the scary fonts, go back and do it at least one more time. Sometimes suitcase will like fonts one minute, and hate them the very next. The more times you repeat this, the more stable suitcase will function in the end. When you've had enough, back up the "Suitcase Font Database.suitcasevault" file. If suitcase ever crashes and refuses to open, replace that "Suitcase Font Database.suitcasevault" file with your backup file so you can revert back to the stable state you whipped suitcase into.

Any questions or comments, feel free.
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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Do not buy Iomega

Here is a copy of my complaint to Iomega for their useless support:

Allowing your people to trouble shoot more than one brand of burning software would have been useful.

The main issue though, was that with every step, rather than trying to eliminate issues, your tech support would attribute blame to something arbitrarily. Such as one support person reccomending I use TDK media. And the very next person telling me that i needed to use Verbatum or Imation instead, despite the inconsistency. Do you really expect your users to stock a sample of every DVD brand in fucking existence?

I also do not appreciate the hard sell for software. They could have supplied me with a download link for the demo software (which is available on the third party's site) so they might troubleshoot the issue using your recommended burning software without hassling me with semantic games. I found the link myself no thanks to your people who would only argue with me and try to sell me this crappy software instead of being helpful.

Then the conclusions they reached such as "Well it appears your drive needs to be replaced" was completely without ANY form of trouble shooting evidence. When I asked what the cause might be (thinking that this guy MUST be psychic), he replied that there must be a problem with the internal laser. When I pressed as to why it was still able to burn CD's (just not DVD's) there was a long pause. After which he told me the only thing i could do was use another computer. That is totally ridiculous. How many computers does one need to own to get competent customer service from Iomega??? I had to jump through hoops to get the software these techs guaranteed was necessary for troubleshooting this device, I get it, and they don't use one damned feature of this super-software. And instead of using the cop out that my software was not good enough to receive support, they now tell me that my computer is no good either. Ever see the monty-python cheese skit? A long drawn out sequence of asking the clerk if they have various types of cheese, and the clerk keeps replying, "No!, Not today, Sorry, we're out of that, etc." Until the person asking finally asks in frustration "well do you in fact have any cheese???" to which the clerk replies "No sir, I was deliberately wasting your time." That Is what your tech support is like. Even at the end, your person told me that i could call their support line on Monday. And then doesn't give me the number. It wasn't until I told him how helpful that info was without a number, did I get one.

I have dealt with tech support for various products over the years, from various companies, with various problems. But in the end, there has always been a satisfactory conclusion. Your support could not reach one which makes it the most inept and useless I have ever dealt with. I am very dissatisfied.

Do not buy Iomega. Iomega Tech Support is the Reason Why We Outsource to India.
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