Friday, April 29, 2005

Virtual Economy

I think the biggest problem with e-commerce and pay for content type sites (including music, movies, porn, books, art, etc.) is that it expects real cash for virtual service. The internet needs a reliable system of monopoly money for virtual values. Everyone who uses the internet has the ability to earn virtual value which then can be used for other content all based in a fake economy. Let content pay for content. Hell, think of how kick ass Bittorrent would work if everyones supplied bandwidth could actually be cashed in on. For the first time, a person's intellectual clout will be worth its own rewards. Someone needs to make this.

And then someone needs to make the get out of jail free card.
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Sunday, April 24, 2005

The smell of death eminating from my refrigerator...

Is alarming because there is nothing in my refrigerator other than a few half empty bottles of seltzer, a bottle with about two shots left of Ribina, various bottles of hot sauce (mostly unopened), a half gallon of soy milk (still fresh even), a bag of carrots (which are quite healthy...In fact I think they're about ready to sprout), and some baking soda (which has been there since before I moved in a year and a half ago.) In the freezer are 3 ice cube trays, a bag of coffee beans, and a frozen steak (which has been there so long that its practically a friend, I don't think I'll ever eat it. It's inoffensive smelling at any rate.) It's otherwise fairly clean (except for a soy sauce spill on the door which has since become some sort of brown plastic coating which has been there since christmas eve of '04). While it raises the question of what the fuck I could be cooking with these ingredients, there's nothing that should be giving off that morbid smell.

I think it may be haunted by something I ate long ago. I have angered the supper gods.
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Monday, April 18, 2005

Who's paying you to think?

A rising tide of employees have recently been reprimanded or let go for running afoul of their employers' taste or temperament on personal blogs, including a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines who learned the hard way that the carrier frowns on cheeky photos while in uniform and a Google employee who mused on the company's financial condition and was fired.

Aren't these companies not allowed to discriminate on the basis of belief? Shouldn't companies pay extra if one is not allowed to have an opinion (possibly negative) about where they work? Does Walmart really have the right to fire a worker for including Walmart in the reasons why their life is shit? Should that be any different for Microsoft? McDonalds has no right to deny work to a member of PETA, should they be able to fire them they find out they're a member from their blog? Even KKK assholes (the few who have jobs) should not loose them if they refrain from being a racist prick at work. Are these places paying you to do a job, or to like a job? If it's the latter, I think it should be a separate agreement.

People are allowed to fuck who they want, talk about how it was, and still be employable. Your job should not be able to fire you because it found out in your blog that you got a blowjob from jose's sister (for the same reason they can't fire you for having a family). If you met your SOB manager outside of work and he felt like hanging out, there is no reason you should get fired for telling him to fuck off. You're being paid to do a task. If you do it well and work well with the people you work with, there is no legitimate grounds for firing. Do you think sanitation workers are doing it because they like it or because they're getting paid? They have every right to express that sanitation is shitty work if they want to without fear of reprisal. Most people aren't working to pass the fucking time, they work because they don't have a fucking choice. Unless you're being paid to be a spokesperson for whatever company, they shouln't be able to fire you for doing it wrong. Anyone who has been, should send a bill to that company for advertising fees.
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Saturday, April 16, 2005

More Airport Security

WASHINGTON - Starting Thursday, air travelers will have to leave their lighters at home. Unlike guns, knives and other dangerous items that a passenger cannot carry aboard but may stow in checked bags, lighters are banned everywhere on a plane.

I've said this before, I don't think the emphasis should be on keeping planes safe... The real danger is to keep the world safe from planes. (buildings, skyscrapers, and crowded places. That's the real danger. Otherwise a plane isn't all so different than a train or subway (in fact, a train can potentially be significantly more dangerous in some ways). There is no "Safe" railroad and every attempt to make one so far has been useless. A plane used as a missile is ultimately what we are trying to avoid though. The real easy way is to have the pilots enter the cockpit from another entrance and keep the cockpit isolated from the rest of the plane. Armed guards might not be such a bad idea either. Aside from that, dying on a plane is only a negligible risk and placebo cures only aid to ease the of mind of the cargos of sheep the planes carry.

Airport security... Which has irritated a ton of average folk and bloggers but has yet (as far as I know) catch one single terrorist before they did what they came for. The risk of a terrorist on your plane even in the pre 9-11 days was next to nothing. Even with all these extra measures I'ts not going to significantly improve a rating of next to nothing. The only logical option is to find ways to minimize damages as much as possible, and with a plane the largest potential is outside the vehicle. Trying to protect the poor fuckers in the air isn't worth the extra effort. So yeah, airport security today is lame. There are easier, and more fun ways to do this without violating anyone's rights.

How about this for safety --

Give EVERYONE on the plane a package consisting of a broad sword, a cross bow, a bundle of poison darts, and some light body armor as they board the plane. Fly safe and free in a mexican standoff. If there is ever a problem, at least it will be fucking entertaining. For those who plan on bringing bombs... there's no real 100% effective method to stop them... Why not make it sporting? Have a guarded self destruct button in the middle of the air plane...If one is able to fight their way to the button, they win.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Just a thought...

Ever wonder if there are people out there who are desperate enough to ruffie themselves in the hopes that they might get date raped or taken advantage of? Does their self esteem drop even lower if this doesn't happen? What sorts of relationships can develop from this kind of beginning?
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Friday, April 01, 2005


First Terry Schiavo gets unplugged, then the Pope starts getting sick...
He's obviously been slowly draining her life force over the past fifteen years through that tube and now that she's dead he's got to find a new host. It's always the religious leaders who do this sort of thing.
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